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Bubbapus, the Tiny Squid Pokemon 007 (Starter) :icongominod:Gominod 3 0 Pupadillo, the Armadillo Pokemon 004 (Starter) :icongominod:Gominod 3 0 Flowna, the Deer Pokemon 001 (Starter) :icongominod:Gominod 2 0 Colored Drago: Collab with Commander Aiko! :icongominod:Gominod 3 4 Mouss, use Pod Shot! (KittyHawk's Contest) :icongominod:Gominod 1 5 Anthroth, the ??? Pokemon (CB04: Highway) :icongominod:Gominod 4 12
Terribly Written Tales MST: Homestuck high Ch.4
Cold open, let's do it.
to the people asking if im a troll no i am not i wuld rly like 2 bee one tho since the homestuck ones are cool! idk why id own a dildo to stick up an ass lol im not old enough 2 own one.
...No comment...
to the nice ppl who left nice reviews i wnt 2 say thank u because they made me smile hehe. nefotion gave me a REALLY god idea 2 add in wizards 2 the story so i might do that.
Wizards? WIZARDS?
im rely glad u like the character developement
but whaat is my immortal? do you mean like the song by evenescense?
Oh you poor sweet summer child

Just when all hope was thought to be lost
What? But the duel just started! How could all hope be lost already? Clearly it's because Eridan sucks. Eridan is worst troll, CONFIRMED
Eridan took out of his deadly weapon knwon as the almighty Demontroll
Must be a sharp weapon. How else could it's edge be so dangerous?
and began to rock out on it s
:icongominod:Gominod 1 0
Jaydevil, the ??? Pokemon (CB03: Alley) :icongominod:Gominod 2 0
Mature content
Terribly Written Tales MST: Homestuck high Ch. 3 :icongominod:Gominod 1 0
Driftessea, the ??? Pokemon (CB02: Lake) :icongominod:Gominod 3 11 Maskereti, the ??? Pokemon (CB 01: Forest) :icongominod:Gominod 1 0 Cupoxin, the Love Pokemon :icongominod:Gominod 2 2 LucarioLover as a Lucario :icongominod:Gominod 0 5 Fakemon for SapphireToad! :icongominod:Gominod 1 2
Terribly Written Tales MST: Homestuck high Ch.2
Greetings, friends! Welcome back to Homestuck high TWT MST! Today we'll (finally) cover chapter two. This...should be fun
hi guys this is chapter 2. i finished chapter 1 a while back b4 my other beta reder got busy wit school since she didnt start then so now my otherfriend said shed beta it insted. ITS A LOT BETTER NOW THNK U SO MUUUUUCH CAROLYN UR A BETTER EDITER THAN JANE.
Oh good you dropped that "frend" of yours. Maybe now we'll have a well written piece of fan literature
Everyone went to teh hospitl to see Karkat.
I guess not
He was in a comma.
At least he wasn't in a semicolon
Everyone was crying, even Dave was crying a little bit because he and Karkat were best frends.
I'm not all the way through Homestuck yet, but last I saw, Karkat and Dave hated each other. And if they were best frends, wouldn't Dave cry a lot more?
They did lots of things togther (AN: no gay stuff tho! thats gross!)
I don't think anyone assumed that any go
:icongominod:Gominod 0 2
Fontapod, the Fountain Pokemon :icongominod:Gominod 4 0


Barn Owl :iconnightfuryshadows:nightfuryshadows 11 0 Fire Starter :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 22 18 [Toontale] Snap Drawwur :iconpumpkinlol:PumpkinLOL 17 4 [Toontale] Bessie Higgenbottom :iconpumpkinlol:PumpkinLOL 19 9 [Toontale] Chowder Kid :iconpumpkinlol:PumpkinLOL 22 3 [Toontale] Royal Guards Yin and Yang :iconpumpkinlol:PumpkinLOL 29 5 Roola-Bot Gominod-Sacchy :iconlucariolover1994:LucarioLover1994 3 2 Mega Machoke :iconcooldeadpool15:cooldeadpool15 37 5 Antaca Level Up! :iconlucariolover1994:LucarioLover1994 2 9 Ahoy Loudred - The Rock n Roll Pokemon :iconahoy-region:ahoy-region 3 4 Hunter and Prey :iconhammyblast:Hammyblast 4 0 A GIMP Sugimori Walkthrough :iconjellojolteon2000:JelloJolteon2000 232 149 Nightusion :iconmemingerss:Memingerss 3 3 Pareet, the Parrot Pokemon :iconhammyblast:Hammyblast 4 2 [#022] Slaqueen :iconunbrokensky:UnbrokenSky 10 0 Prismofox :iconlucariolover1994:LucarioLover1994 4 8



:iconcommanderaiko: :iconhammyblast: :icongimbo-gp: :iconmemingerss: :iconfrostlie: :iconlucariolover1994: :iconsapphiretoad: :iconkimchikat: :iconsmiley-fakemon: :iconnightfuryshadows:


Bubbapus, the Tiny Squid Pokemon 007 (Starter)
Name: Bubbapus (Bubble + Octopus)
Species: The Tiny Squid Pokemon
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Hidden Ability: Multilimb (All of this pokemon's attacks have a chance of hitting up to eight times [50% for two times, with the chance being halved for every additional hit])

Height: 1'3" (0.38 m)
Weight: 20lb (9.07 kg)

Dex Entry: Bubbapus often drift along with ocean currents and store water in their bodies to survive on land. When startled, they flail their long arms to deal surprisingly strong and swift blows.

HP: 60
Att: 77
Def: 50
SpA: 52
SpD: 40
Spe: 60


 >>> ??? >>> ???
Pupadillo, the Armadillo Pokemon 004 (Starter)
Name: Pupadillo (Pup [Name for baby armadillo] + Armadillo)
Species: The Armadillo Pokemon
Type: Fire/Steel
Ability: Blaze
Hidden Ability: Scorch (This Pokemon's Steel type attacks have a 30% chance to burn and hit Ground types super effectively)

Height: 1'9" (0.53 m)
Weight: 40lb (18.14 kg)

Dex Entry: Pupadillo have natural armor that's harder than steel and hot as magma. When in danger, these timid Pokemon curl up into a ball for protection.

HP: 50
Def: 72
Att: 64
SpA: 41
SpD: 53
Spe: 35
Total: 315


>>> ??? >>> ???
Flowna, the Deer Pokemon 001 (Starter)
Name: Flowna (Fawn + Flora)
Species: The Deer Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Hidden Ability: Berry Boost (The first time this Pokemon or one of its allies falls below 25% health, they regain 50% of their health)

Height: 3' 1" (0.94 m)
Weight: 70lb (31.75 kg)

Dex Entry: Flawna are very gentle Pokemon that are known for their caring nature. They offer the berries on their backs,which have a rejuvenating factor, to weary people and Pokemon. These berries are often collected and turned into medicine.

HP: 71
Att: 40
Def: 53
SpA: 66
SpD: 45
Spe: 43
Total: 318


Flawna >>> ??? >>> ???

Try to forget that...other idea for starters I had. That was dumb and I'm dumb for having thought of it. 
Colored Drago: Collab with Commander Aiko!
Behold, hoomans! The finished product of my collaboration with the lovely Ms. Commander Aiko! She did the lines and I did the coloring (clearly eons more difficult than drawing out such an incredibly visually interesting interesting Skeleton Dragon with MS Paint). Hope you like the product of our collaboration, love!Wink/Razz 
Mouss, use Pod Shot! (KittyHawk's Contest)
This is my Fakemon Mouss using it's signature move, Pod Shot!

Kitty, here's my entry for the second round!
Howdy, buckos and buckettes! I have an announcement for the few of you who might actually care! I'm making a whole group of Fakemon called the Cryptic Beasts! Think of them as sort of like the Ultra Beasts but a bit more...cryptic. You'll find out what that means soon enough. Since I'm doing this, I decided that they (along with all my other Fakemon) are gonna need a region to call their own! So, I came up a region for them! It's based off of Britain and called Shrodoma! I imagine it as sort of a more quiet and misty region. Very mysterious with a lot of secrets hidden about. Plus a nice touch of British charm. So yeah that's it! If you're curious about the Cryptic Beasts, just hang tight! The first one should be coming out soon after this journal!Wink/Razz 


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Baron Fakey VonFakename
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hiya! The name's Gominod! Welcome to my profile! I'm trying to get better at drawing, so any and all feedback is appreciated! I mainly do Fakemon, but I also like to make fun of bad fanfics, so look out for that. See ya around!


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Holowrapper Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello ^^ thank you so much for the welcome <3
Gominod Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
Memingerss Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I see that you make fakemon too, and some very nice ones, might I add. I was wondering what you might think of my old fakemon, Sulfie ?
Gominod Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow that's really good! It's better than the ones I've done, that's for sure
Memingerss Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, it's actually the only one I've ever made. I actually came up with the idea like. 3 years ago. I've revamped it a little but that was mostly everything that wasn't design-related. I don't know if i ever posted the evolution here on dA but here's a link from it on my tumblr if you want to see it:…
Gominod Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's really good! The whole line in general is awesome! The shinies are good, I'm loving those gender differences and they really look like something that could show up in a game
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SapphireToad Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017
How are those Cheetrick evolutions going?
Gominod Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They're done! I just need to trace them on my computer and they'll be good to go!
LucarioLover1994 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your fakemon! Im surprised. I never knew another person made fakemon like me.

well and Smiley-Fakemon
Gominod Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fakemon are everywhere! People upload a bunch everyday! You should really check out kimchicat. She's another great fakemon artist. Also THANKS! :]
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